About Tom Barry

I was born in Dublin, raised in Tipperary, schooled in Cork, trained in Kildare and studied and fell in love in Galway. I am a nomad having traveled the country and the world as an Irish army officer for 23 years. In all that time music was at the heart of everything I did. The guitar was never too far from my side and anywhere a piano greeted me we fell in love and music flowed.

I have a beautiful wife and 3 gorgeous kids who fill my life with love, endless patience and support me on this rollercoaster ride.
I started writing music from a young age. Mainly on piano or guitar influenced by a wide range of artists from Frank Sinatra to Leonard Coen and recently the amazing music of ECM.

I undertook song writing workshops led by the great John Spillane during COVID lockdowns. This has led me to a collection of songs that I can truly call my own, helped along the way by amazing people. Thank you all! These songs will come to life and be released with the flowers of Spring. Much love!

Tom x

Here’s a little teaser for my new album, my first, in the new year.

Thanks to Stiúideo Cuan, An Spidéal for the help with rehearsal space and Jon O’Connelly with production. Exciting times.

This song is my story of today; of 2020. 

I hope my song can give voice to the anxiety we all feel. ‘Our Moment’ is my song for this moment.  All that matters is that they are safe.

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