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I launched my Debut Album ‘Lighthouse’ on the 21st of June this year at the amazing St. Nicholas Collegiate Church, Lombard St., Galway. What can I say, it was the most amazing night with an amazing audience in a stunning venue and with gifted musician’s around me.

Thank you. It will live long in my heart. “Conjuring landscape is a fine trick of Barry’s, none more so than on album closer ‘Shores Of the Morning’, which paints the wilds of Connemara wondrously. An excellent record.

Divide and Conquer “Barry and his fellow bandmates lock into a very atmospheric sound right from the start. From the opening to the closer, mood and feeling plays a huge part in this album. I think Barry manages to capture some truly rare moments in this set of songs he has released. The ambience of these tracks is truly great and as he grows in his sound, I definitely look forward to seeing more from this artist.

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About Me | Galway Artist, Sea Swimmer, Singer-Songwriter

I get my inspiration from people, places, nature: walking the bog, swimming in the sea 365 days a year, and my family. They bring me back to earth, into the present and give me perspective on what is important. Looking after the mind, the body and the important relationships in our lives.

I am driven by experience. I believe that we are all on this beautiful earth to experience everything that it can offer. I lived my life with the word “experience” etched into it as a reminder to “Do it”. Mistakes will be made, lessons learned and the experience will be all the better the next time round.

My family and music. Without either I am incomplete.

‘Lighthouse’, the title track to my debut album, is dedicated to those in my life who have guided me and kept me safe throughout my  life, “when the raging winds and the rolling seas, come over”.

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Here’s a little teaser for my new album, my first, in the new year.

Thanks to Stiúideo Cuan, An Spidéal for the help with rehearsal space and Jon O’Connelly with production. Exciting times.

This song is my story of today; of 2020. 

I hope my song can give voice to the anxiety we all feel. ‘Our Moment’ is my song for this moment.  All that matters is that they are safe.

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Simple things inspire me. People and places. History and where we have come from.

My name is Tom Barry. I live in Galway with my beautiful Galwegian wife and 3 sons. I moved to Galway in 1997 to study, fell in love in every sense.

Galway is not just a place. It is a way of living. Galway consumes you, nurtures you, keeps you close, accepts you for what you are. It is home to my inspiration and has accompanied me on this wonderful journey. Up Tipp!🤣

Tom Barry

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Tom Barry

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